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Program Definition:

Community Service Restitution (CSR) is a condition of probation, mandating that a defendant work a specified number of hours at a court approved community service project as restitution to the community for the crime committed. Each defendant placed on probation by the courts in Van Zandt County, will be given a specific number of hours of community service to complete as a condition of that probation. In the state of Texas, the number of hours is calculated according to the severity of the offense.

The court may require a defendant to serve Community Service in lieu of confinement in a county jail under certain conditions. Community Service may also be used as a continuum of sanction to encourage a probationer's participation in employment programs or as payment of a fine. Defendants are not paid for services performed while accruing CSR hours. 

Assignment Referral Procedures:

  • Probationer is given a work assignment at intake
  • Probationer is counseled by a CSR officer on CSR work, and the importance of its completion, that failure to complete CSR will result in the courts being notified, resulting in a warrant for their arrest being issued and jail time assessed.
  • Each participant must read and sign a waiver of liability
  • Primary assignment will made with a contracting agency in the probationer's home city
  • Secondary assignments are to First Monday Trade Days, in Canton, Texas.

Operational Policies:

  • The Community Service Officer and/or CSR Coordinator will make CSR assignments
  • A list of CSR workers and their time sheets are submitted to the contracting agencies each month, and time sheets for the previous month are collected
  • The CSR Coordinator maintains a master list of participants, showing the number of hours assessed, and the number of hours worked

Local CSR Work Sites:

  • First Monday Trade Days
  • Edgewood Heritage Park
  • Wills Point Depot
  • Van Zandt County Courthouse: various departments
  • Lions Club Food Drive
  • Grand Saline Salt Festival
  • Fire Departments throughout Van Zandt County
  • Other various non-profit organizations throughout Van Zandt County

Policies For Obtaining CSR Workers:

  • Must be a non-profit organization
  • A legal representative of the requesting organization must sign a contract with the designated court
  • Organization must meet certain requirements of the Van Zandt County Community Supervisions and Corrections Department (Adult Probation) that will be outlined by the CSR Director

CSR Caseload Officer :

Todd West
903-567-4066 Ext 301                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    


    Van Zandt CSCD
    250 E. Groves
    Canton, Tx 75103
    Phone: 903-567-4066